KGAL. Performance with substance.

KGAL Group, a German based asset manager, has been managing real assets since 1968. The company provides investment opportunities for institutional investors in the areas of real estate, aviation and infrastructure (renewable energies). KGAL manages a total investment volume of EUR 21.7 billion as at 31.12.2015. While KGAL Capital is responsible for the placements of funds, KGAL Investment Management combines all the KGAL Group asset categories as the regulated investment management company.



Emmanuel Parrenin joins Management Board of KGAL UK Limited


Changing occupier demand calls for 'walkable' office investments


As sales company and 100%-owned subsidiary of KGAL, KGAL Capital GmbH & Co. KG assumes responsibility for all relations with professional and semi-professional investors in Germany and abroad.

Investment Management

As the regulated investment management company and as wholly owned subsidiary, KGAL Investment Management GmbH & Co. KG assumes the role of managing new funds in the real estate, infrastructure (energy) and aviation sectors.

KGAL expertise: market reports

Key data and specific market trends. NEW: Market report office Germany