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What drives KGAL - our motives

The many discussions that we have with German and international insurance companies, pension fund managers and retirement benefit scheme operators show us that we are very well positioned as a company of 300 employees thanks to our long history in the three core asset categories and our extensive expertise. We are regarded as a stable, attractive partner, since we conduct our business relationships with investors transparently and on the basis of partnership. We provide our clients with comprehensive assistance both before and after deals are completed. We place great value on knowledge transfer for investors in new asset classes, so that they are well prepared when they make potential investment decisions.

KGAL Group

KGAL Capital and KGAL Investment Management are both wholly owned subsidiaries of KGAL GmbH & Co. KG. While KGAL Capital is responsible for the placements of funds, KGAL Investment Management combines all the KGAL Group asset categories as the regulated investment management company for KGAL.

We are a member of the bsi

The German Association Bundesverband Sachwerte und Investmentvermögen e.V (bsi) represents the interests of enterprises, whose activitiy is in connection to the KAGB in Germany, – find out more at www.sachwerteverband.de