KGAL, pursuant to corporate law, was founded in Hamburg in 1968. The KGAL Group has grown, through new partnerships, over the decades. Commencing as one of the leading real estate leasing companies in Germany, KGAL has developed into one of the most successful asset managers for tangible assets.

Substantially reduced KGAL history with the most essential cornerstones in relation to the core asset categories (real estate, aviation, infrastructure (energy)).


Largest single account in the EC region

for a German investor (2 billion Euros).


Founding of KGAL UK Ltd.

to support the new business segment „Mezzanine Debt Funds“.


Formation of KGAL Investment Management

KGAL Investement Management assumes the role of managing new funds in the real estate, infrastructure and aviation sectors within the KGAL Group.

Formation of KGAL Capital

KGAL Capital is founded in May 2013 as the first step towards implementing the regulatory requirements as part of the AIFMD. In the Group, it is responsible for the placement of funds for institutional investors as well as family offices and foundations and for servicing these clients.


Second renewable energy fund (ESPF 2) for institutional investors

KGAL places the second renewable energy fund (ESPF 2) for institutional investors – equity of EUR 500 million.


First cross-border, European photovoltaic fund for institutional investors

KGAL launched the first cross-border, European photovoltaic fund for institutional investors in 2009 and was able to successfully place it within only one year - raising equity of EUR 230 million.


First England fund

First England fund involving one office property in London.


First solar energy fund

KGAL augments its asset competence, devising its first solar energy fund in 2005.


First commitment in the wind sector


First Austrian fund involving an office property in Vienna


Second joint venture with Deutsche Lufthansa: GOAL

Second joint venture with Deutsche Lufthansa AG for operating lease: GOAL (German Operating Aircraft Leasing GmbH & Co. KG).


First office property commitment abroad in New York


Joint venture between Deutsche Lufthansa AG and KGAL for finance lease


First aircraft leasing fund in Germany

In 1979 KGAL designs an aircraft leasing fund, the first in Germany.


Initial real estate fund model

KGAL adds a new product to its portfolio: the first fund model for real estate.


Pioneer in power plant leasing and operating model for a gas pipeline


Rise to a leading real estate leasing company

Rise to a leading real estate leasing company, due to the final integration of Karl Kreusel & Co. Vermögensverwaltung into the KGAL.


Foundation of KGAL

27th August 1968: Founding of KGAL in Hamburg, as joint investment venture of “Neue Sparcasse von 1864” (today‘s Hamburger Sparkasse) and the entrepreneur Karl Kreusel.

KGAL mission statement

Where do we stand and where are we heading? KGAL’s mission statement provides answers to these questions. The mission statement is based on KGAL's considerable achievements in over four decades. It is oriented to what the company has done successfully so far and formulates perspectives to ensure KGAL’s leading position in the future as well.

The mission statement focuses on four areas that fundamentally shape the KGAL brand and its orientation: quality leadership, loyalty, sustainability and straightforwardness.