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KGAL Transparency 2017 PDF-Document, 829 Kilobyte
KGAL Expertise Real Estate PDF-Document, 1.5 Megabyte
KGAL Expertise Aviation PDF-Document, 4.7 Megabyte
KGAL Expertise Renewable Energies PDF-Document, 1.3 Megabyte
KGAL REAL ASSETS 2015/16 PDF-Document, 2.4 Megabyte
KGAL market report wind H1 2016 PDF-Document, 136 Kilobyte
KGAL market report pv 2016 H1 PDF-Document, 221 Kilobyte
KGAL market report aviation 2016 H1 PDF-Document, 356 Kilobyte
KGAL White Paper Aircraft-Leasing PDF-Document, 220 Kilobyte
KGAL White Paper Defensive strategy for institutional real estate investment PDF-Document, 430 Kilobyte
KGAL markets study infrastructure 2015 PDF-Document, 580 Kilobyte
KGAL market report real estate office Germany 2015 H2 PDF-Document, 216 Kilobyte
KGAL market report real estate retail 2015 H1 PDF-Document, 99 Kilobyte
KGAL market report aviation 2015 H1 PDF-Document, 295 Kilobyte
KGAL market report PV 2015 H1 PDF-Document, 105 Kilobyte
KGAL market report wind 2015 H1 PDF-Document, 77 Kilobyte
2017-1HJ KGAL market report Aviation PDF-Document, 80 Kilobyte

Select the files you would like to download.

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New Downloads

KGAL Transparency

Key data and specific market trends.

KGAL market report Aviation 2017

The report contains an appraisal of KGAL expert Jochen Hörger, Managing Director Aviation.